Amazing Things in 2010 and Beyond

There are so many amazing things that transpired since 2010 across the globe. It has been 3 years since but as our world continues to evolve daily, we should not stop re-counting and re-living wonderful days.

Where do we begin?

On this site, we will post only the most amazing things, events and photos that happened or are happening around the world. Let’s revisit the glorious day one by one and keep that as motivation to keep creating fantastic events.

Why are we doing this?

Just as there are many great things, there is also so much negativity going on around us. Most of the time, we are all focused on just looking at the bad news. We are so keen hearing on the news of war, killings, catastrophes but we rarely look at the awesome things happening in our background. This is our motivation. To amplify all the great things, places and events. We want positivity to rule over the world.

We believe this will give us hope.

Make sure to check back again next week as we start publishing amazing things.